Sales team

VCor™ data visualisation is the next logical evolution for business intelligence software. Integration of VCor™ with other data systems and applications happens "out of the box", there is minimal end-user configuration and access can be from PC's, handhelds or mobiles.

Collaborative working will allow customers to see Fifth Element as an extension of their own business. Each relationship is built on a solid foundation of understanding the customer’s needs. This is followed by providing extensive support and delivering solutions that were previously considered impossible.

It provides common sense answers to complex questions.


VCor™ empowers sales representatives with enhanced and correct data, so that they can provide the best customer service and maximise new business opportunities. This can be further enhanced by a sales office which has all the necessary information at their fingertips, quickly and efficiently, to support their customers and sales team.

Information is provided on key areas such as:

  • • Sales history
  • • Sales forecast
  • • Sales on time performance
  • • Sales strategy and enhanced profitability
  • • Supply Chain analysis


Manufacturing data systems are often complex and confusing. VCor™ displays information in an intuitive and coherent way. This is suitable for everyone at all levels, from Director to Shop floor staff, in an instant!

Information is provided on key areas such as:

  • • Transactional history
  • • Component usage
  • • Stock holdings
  • • Work Orders
  • • Product structures (Bill of Materials)


Financial managers need a broad and comprehensive overview of the business. VCor™ unlocks real time data and presents it in a suitable format that can actively promote collaborative decision making and be easily exported.

Information is provided on key areas such as:

  • • General ledger balances & transactions
  • • Budget analysis
  • • Stock take analysis
  • • Margin analysis
  • • Transfer pricing
  • • Accounts payable and receivable


Purchasing relies on information from other departments, especially planning, to ensure stock is received on time and production is not delayed. An essential part of the purchasing function is to manage spend in an efficient way. VCor analysis allows staff to quickly and easily minimise the costs of purchasing.

Information is provided on key areas such as:

  • • Supplier receipts
  • • Supplier spends
  • • On time delivery


VCor™ dramatically improves a planner’s ability to manage the complex manufacturing needs of the business. It does so by allowing the planner to obtain an overall summary of the current position in the business, as well as being able to drill into the data to identify specific anomalies, or obtain answers to individual issues.

Information is provided on key areas such as:

  • • Product planning parameters
  • • Action messages and routings
  • • MRP analysis

Data Mining & Data Warehousing

VCor™ visualises data either from a summary down into the detail or vice versa. This allows users to fly through their data from one data set to another. VCor™ allows users to easily navigate between data from all areas of the business. For example, you may be looking at the annual sales for a given item and wish to know who is buying it, from there you can quickly go to the customer’s account details and find out everything concerning that account.

Integrates Multiple Data Sources & Geographical Locations

VCor achieves the almost impossible task of allowing the user to analyse data from more than one database system, at the same time and on the same screen. This enables supply chain and intercompany analysis.

Trend Analysis

Many of the ‘Out of the box’ VCor™ screens allow users to instantly analyse trends in their data. These are either displayed as tables ready to quickly export to spreadsheets in just one click of a button, or in graph format. Additional screens can also be tailored to their own specific requirements.

System Stability & Minimum Impact

VCor™ runs 24 hours a day every day. It has its own built in backup service ensuring staff constant access across the business, around the world. We also ensure that the impact on manufacturing databases and the network is minimised, while still offering maximum performance. It works in a similar way to a data warehouse and so can be used as part of a disaster recovery strategy.

Modular Configuration

Fifth Element will ensure that VCor is tailored for your needs. We use a modular system construction, similar to building blocks, to allow for rapid installation and return on investment. All modules are built using the same technologies and design to create a ‘turnkey’ solution for your needs.

Reducing Costs & Staffing

VCor™ allows for simple and efficient training for users, this is because it is based upon a simple web based platform. It requires less maintenance than major business intelligence systems. There are no individual user license charges, empowering every key person in the business to use it. Using VCor allows the business to reduce costs of manufacturing, stock holding and process inefficiencies. It also reduces the time spent by employees producing the usual business reports, VCor can provide these quickly and efficiently.

Promoting Collaborative Decision Making

As VCor™ is accessible by all levels of the business it allows everyone access to the same data, (internal securities and protocols allowing). From Directors to shop floor workers, it can be shared during meetings with up to date information. This information can come from any location within the business, either home or abroad. Where traditionally users are only able to access certain data, within a specific function, VCor™ allows the data to be shared throughout the organisation and so facilitates informed business decisions.

Improving Efficiency, Sales & Service

VCor™ gives specific and relevant data to individuals at a moments notice, regardless of where they are. A good example of this is when a sales person visits his/her customer; VCor™ allows them to see everything about their customer instantly. They are able to see any issues in advance, prepare solutions and give improved customer service. A better customer relationship enables the sales staff to concentrate on increasing new business.

Maximise Return on Capital

Fifth Element is different.

VCor™ comes with no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay. There are no ‘up front’ capital purchase costs, so the business instantly starts to benefit from its use.

Unlocks Potential of Valuable Data

Traditional manufacturing systems collect a vast amount of data, but struggle to present it in a user friendly way. VCor™ addresses this need and simplifies the complex information into a quick user friendly interface, that can be displayed on any device with a web browser. VCor™ breaks the mould of other reporting tools. The system offers an evolutionary approach to finding information. At any given time VCor™ provides links for the user to find associated information about what they see on the screen.